A tad about MR...


MR is me, Miriam Rousseau. I'm an artist and photographer based in Austin, Texas.

My more traditional art (lately using watercolor and penwork) has always been of the abstract nature. I’ve historically had referred to my “art” as “doodles,” but I’m trying something different now. My art is a very subconscious and meditative activity- it always has been. As a kid/teenager, all of my school notes would have my little doodles along the side of most pages. Rarely any of my doodles were ever intentional or were supposed to represent any one thing in particular. It was a way to release my swarming thoughts on paper as patterns.

Much like referring to my art as doodles, I didn’t always embrace my artistic style either. Because I mostly lean toward an abstract style, and have always used pens & ink for my line work, I thought I couldn’t consider my work art for the longest time. As of recently, however, I’ve been embracing my style as uniquely me, and that’s been really freeing for me and what I create. I’m happy to share it with a world that maybe doesn’t always see a style like mine. Now that I’m older than those teenage days, I see my style as different- and I think like different when it comes to being me.

My photographic journey began in 2010. After developing a passion for capturing unique moments and a longing to share those moments, I decided to pursue a study in visual storytelling at The University of Texas at Austin. There, in 2014, I received a Bachelors of Journalism (with a focus in photojournalism). During my time at UT, I worked on a multitude of photo and video stories. This also included published work as a staff photographer at The Daily Texan, UT's award-winning newspaper. 

Most recently, I worked full-time as a Newborn & Delivery photographer through a company called BioVideo- documenting real moments minutes after a baby is born in hospital.

Outside of the hospital, I work in freelance photography. I've photographed events, food & drink, entertainment, performances, portraiture, travel, street, and everything in between.

When it comes down to it, I thrive on sharing experiences, whether my own or capturing experiences for others. I yearn to share what I see with anyone and everyone, so that they may experience it too through my work. 

If you're interested in having me document your moments, be sure to send me a message through my "Contact" page. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your photographic needs, and we'll work together to nail down exactly the moments you want snapped so that you may remember your experiences for a lifetime. 


Published/Commissioned Work
Republic Whiskey product & events- republicwhiskeytx.com
Martine Honeysuckle Liqueur events- facebook.com/MartineHoneysuckle
Ketel One "Master of the Mule" competition
USBG Austin Chapter Events
biovideo.com, facebook.com/MyBiovideo
"The Bech" behind the scenes for GoFundMe filming facebook.com/TheBechWebSeries
Whim Hospitality "Adorn 2016" Wedding Style Event
Prague'n & Bloggin' Travel Blog miriamrousseau.wordpress.com
"Adams Strong" mini doc https://youtu.be/ofTky50cQQo
GradePower Learning Round Rock: Kids Talk Video Series https://youtu.be/baEdUcGqd9k